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there are three possible out comes right now, cse obama win, close romne win o b romneyin and if you talk to some republicans, both connected to the campaign and one step away from the center of the campaign they are starting to talk about the possibility and you see in the republicans movement into pennsylvania, minnesota, and perhaps michigan the possibility that they are not just trying to hedge their bets or trying to expand the map out of desperation but a real belief this thing could be bigger, an oregon polls that show the shows the race close, certainly closer than the president won four years ago i thinthe momenms with romney and the obama people are not just spinning when they say, look, out of that first debate in denver he doesn't have momentum where he overwhelmed us he brought home the base be does president's in number has not chanced by any means but pretty pistol hid and that means governor romney has upward momentum or has had it, maybe that has stalled we don't really though but the president does not have bad momentum he is not collapsing in any way, i think that the momentum
more about you? >> president obama. >> right. >> rose: must be 4 who is better in foreign policy? >> president obama. >> rose: right. >> what would you add to that? those are the basic kind of -- >> well there is a different variations of cares about people, who understands the middle class. i thought all along, governor romney on those questions, those character and trade questions, governor romney needed to do three things. on cares about you, understands the middle class be closer than he could have been, he couldn't lose those by large double digit margins and narrowed those. couldn't win them, had no narrow them. had plans for the economy needed a significant lead. the president has been ahead at times, kind of remarkable and three is, is favorable, unfavorable, governor romney went into the general election season based on most polls as the worst nominee of either party ever in terms of do you like this person or not? do you think of them favorably, unfavorably, he has really improved and in fact in some polling he went past the president on that measure. and that is to go
you know it's your last campaign, right? and you hear president obama talk about that in the campaign trail. these are the final days, of my final campaign. you begin to look ahead not to, every first term president wants the same thing, a second term. every second term president is thinking about one thing, and that's their legacy. what are they going to leave behind when they are done, what will history say about them? so the minute you've won that second term, instead of relief, i think you begin to start thinking about the judge that will be even harsher than the voters, come four years hence. and you realize that the clock is ticking so fast. somebody told me yesterday that a second term president has fourteen good months at the beginning of his term. and fourteen good months at the end, and the middle is a mush. and i have to figure out how to use that to achieve something that's meaningful. >> i've been struck recently, in the last four or five presidential campaigns, how it's become kind of de rigueur standard to promise the voters who you are running for the first time what y
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)